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Dog Parks provide a safe and legal off-leash environment for friendly, well-behaved dogs and their owners to socialize.

Dog Parks are for People!  Just like tennis courts, swimming pools, and baseball fields, DOG PARKS are neighborhood amenities—used by people who own dogs, but which improve the quality of life for everyone.  Dog parks bring people together and create a sense of community.  Neighbors get to know one another, and dogs help shy people break the ice.  Dog parks also provide safe places for the elderly and disabled to exercise their pets.

Dog Parks Help People who do not like Dogs.   People who dislike or are afraid of dogs will appreciate the fences enclosing dog parks; conflicts between dog owners and people-only areas, like sports fields or playgrounds can be prevented.

Dog Parks Promote Leash Use.  Animal control authorities agree that providing a safe area for dogs to run improves compliance with leash laws.

Dog Parks Improve Dog Behavior.  Well-exercised dogs are generally better canine citizens, simply because they use up their energy while playing.  Dogs can learn to interact socially with new people and other dogs during visits to a dog park.

Bannock Bark Parks is a local non-profit organization committed to enriching community life by establishing and maintaining dog parks.  Questions? Please contact us in one of the following ways:

  • Find us on the web at:
  • Call us at: (208) 406-3294
  • Send a letter to: 4000 Yellowstone Avenue, Pocatello, ID  83202 (please note, this is a mailing address
    --NOT the location of a park
  • Email us at:

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